Job title:Vendor Account Manager (Supply Chain)
Location: Cowley, Oxford
Closing date:2019-06-18 00:00:00
Salary:£25,000 per annum
Job type:Full time
Role overview:
Vendor Account Manager (Supply Chain) 

You may remember Unipart as the company that revolutionised the automotive parts industry in the 1970s. Unipart is different company today with clients such as McLaren, Apple, Vodafone, BSkyB, Jaguar Land Rover and, the NHS. The Unipart Group is an independent manufacturing, logistics and consultancy company that employs nearly 10,000 employees worldwide and has an annual turnover of more than £1 billion. 

Position: Vendor Account Manager - McLaren 
Location: Cowley, Oxford 
Job type: Full Time, Permanent 
Salary: £25,000 per annum 

About the role: 

Your role is to ensure that the delivery of parts to McLaren happens in a timely manner to ensure that KPIs are met and to work with suppliers to improve supply commitments, whilst minimising cost, working in line with customer and Unipart Logistics’ requirements. 


- Manage and create Material delivery schedules 
- Work with Suppliers and Finance to resolve invoice discrepancies 
- Hold supplier and client meetings to review performance, putting plans in place to resolve any issues and continuously improve their processes 
- Proactive management of a range of suppliers and the product they supply 
- Managing deliveries against a schedule aimed at exceeding agreed targets (stock-turn, availability, back orders, inventory value, and obsolescence) 
- Establishing and developing a constructive working relationship with key contacts at suppliers and with internal process partners, to manage expectations and to ensure performance within the Supply Chain and Vendor Management teams is optimised 
- Forecasting of exceptional SKUs in the parts range to ensure smooth accurate schedules and planned receipts 
- Effective exception management - carrying out root cause analysis to understand exceptions and taking appropriate actions 
- Understanding reasons for availability loss and driving improvements to avoid repetition 

About you: 

- Previous Supply Chain Management experience is desirable 
- Good verbal and written communication skills are essential, with the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels and to liaise effectively with McLaren 
- Confidence to deal with difficult situations and to know when it’s appropriate to seek guidance from your manager is a must 
- Knowledge of forecasting models and replenishment systems is desirable. 

You may have experience of the following: Vendor Account Manager, Account Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Transport Manager, Internal Account Manager, Stock Controller, Stock Control Manager, Forecasting Manager, etc.